The 3rd annual Kaito Gakko Beach Camp and Black belt reunion this past August 19th - 26th was a historic event. This first visit from Grandmaster S. George Pesare's instructor Grandmaster H. Victor Sonny Gascon to Rhode Island marked a 40 year reunion of the Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu.

Group photo of the reunion. Grandmasters seated at front are Grandmasters Donna L. Vinbury, H. Victor Gascon, S. George Pesare, and Roger C. Carpenter.
Left Second row is Grey Wolf, behind him is Grandmaster Pesare's son Tony Pesare, daughter Lisa Pesare, and Dennis Passaretti. Next to Dennis is Fran Gascon. Look closely and you will see Knights Herb Paquette, Vin Pezzi, Paul Graves, Robert Messore, Armen Garo, Sean Phinney, and David Wigal.

Linda J. Herzog, first female Black Belt of the Kaito Gakko, and GM Donna Vinbury, 9th Degree Black Belt and Highest Female Grandmaster in the Karazenpo

Knight David Wigal, Grandmaster S. George Pesare, Grandmaster Victor Gascon, Grandmaster Roger Carpenter. Knight Sean Phinney kneeling in front.

Grandmasters Donnna Vinbury, Victor Gascon, S.George Pesare, and Roger Carpenter

Coming full circle
Grandmaster S.George Pesare and his instructor Grandmaster Victor Gascon with their original picture taken in Burbank, Ca. Grandmaster Roger Carpenter on the right.

Grandmaster Donna Vinbury demonstrates breaking techniques with a right shin kick. Target held by Knight Gilman Whiting.

Grandmasters H.Victor Gascon and S.George Pesare

Grandmaster H.Victor Gascon awarding the rank of Grandmaster of Karazenpo Go Shinzutsu to S.George Pesare

Grandmaster H.Victor Gascon awarding the rank of Grandmaster Donna L. Vinbury

Grandmaster H.Victor Gascon awarding the rank of Grandmaster to Roger C. Carpenter

Hey Vic!

Black Belts of George Pesare's Kaito Gakko: Joe Maggio, Ray Campanini, Marc Ayotte

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