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Grandmaster George Pesare
  • First Knight Grandmaster Roger Carpenter
  • Second Knight Grandmaster Donna Vinbury e-mail
  • Third Knight Herb Paquette
  • Fourth Knight Vincent Pezzi
  • Fifth Knight Armen Garo
  • Sixth Knight Dave Wigal e-mail
  • Seventh Knight Robert Messore e-mail
  • Eighth Knight Shea Carpenter e-mail
  • Ninth Knight Sean Phinney e-mail
  • Tenth Knight Gilman Whiting e-mail WWW
  • Eleventh Knight Linda Jean Herzog First Woman
  • Twelfth Knight Ray Campanini e-mail
  • Thirteenth Knight Joe Maggio e-mail
  • Fourteenth Knight Marc Ayotte e-mail
  • Dennis Passaretti
  • Nick Cerio
  • Don Rodrigues
  • Jean Guy Angell WWW
  • Ralph Bomba
  • Fred Menna
  • Gary Monti
At the annual Black Belt reunion, Grandmaster Pesare may, at his discretion promote a non Kaito Gakko student to the rank of Black Belt. Although rare, only loyal students of honor are afforded this privilege. This special rank means that the individual did not undergo the 3 day Knighthood Black Belt Test and apprenticeship.
  • Jesse Dwire IV

Fallen Knights...who do not speak the Truth
  • Robert Ryan
  • Paula Pucino
  • Michael Luster
  • John Levesque
  • Robert Hamlin

In the event of my departure from this planet:
Promotion Committee:
Promotions are EARNED by a unanimous decision from the Promotion Committee

Grandmaster Roger Carpenter
Grandmaster Donna Vinbury
Professor Herb Paquette
Professor Armen Garo
Professor Linda Herzog
Professor Vincent Pezzi
Professor Robert Messore
David Wigal

9th Degree
  • Grandmaster Roger Carpenter
  • Grandmaster Donna Vinbury
8th Degree
  • Herb Paquette
  • Armen Garo
  • Vincent Pezzi
  • Robert Messore
  • Linda Herzog
7th Degree
  • Dennis Passeretti
  • Don Rodrigues
  • David Wigal
6th Degree
  • Shea Carpenter
  • Gilman Whiting
5th Degree
  • Fred Menna
  • Sean Phinney
  • Jean Guy-Angell
4th Degree
  • Ray Campanini
  • Joe Maggio
  • Marc Ayotte
3rd Degree
2nd Degree
  • Vacant
1st Degree
  • Gary Monti
  • Nick Cerio
  • Ralph Bomba

The following will remain 1st Degree Black Belts for Eternity:
  • Pat Azarian
  • Robert Barber
  • Peter Vierra
  • Charles Lee
  • Kevin Gruca
  • Al Leonetti
  • Marie Barkley
  • Mark Marcantonio
  • Ken Pistacchio
  • John DiCalogero
  • Bruce Marshall
  • Ray Calouri